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Originally Posted by ricksaleen View Post
It will come back but putting anything into this current body style is a loss leader as it is done to death. Next years all new Mustang is where to revive Saleen in a big way.
I don't necessarily agree that the current style is overdone, but there is a lot of competition and the economy is at least recovering.

Originally Posted by ricksaleen View Post
BTW did a new S351E ever make it out the door? Still waiting on actual vehicle pictures, some should have been out the door by now. Excitement is one thing but actual rubber meeting the road is another. It is the rubber meeting the road follow through aspect people have always questioned or had concerns.
While Steve teased at an SMS 351X a couple of years ago, the first of the next-generation 351 cars is a Saleen-branded Speedster expected to be unveiled on April 21 as Saleen 351 #2013-01.

Instead of what we in the past called an "E" or "Extreme" car, likely it will instead be called simply the 351 in the base 700-hp form. There is also a 351X ("X" for "Extreme" if you will) in the future with substantially more horsepower -- a coupe with some unique body features as well as the requisite boost in performance. "X" has already been used in the SMS and SaleenChallenger and I think also Saleen Camaro offerings.

The "X" and "Extreme" names are subject to change, of course... at least for the time being.
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