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Originally Posted by haulin S331 View Post
Hey Jim, Nice Ford Raptor in the back ground.guess it's getting a supecharger from Saleen put on it and what other mods,?I also have one only in Blue. It's a great riding truck with that offroad susp. Haulin S331.
I love that truck in blue they have one at a dealership near by our shop it looks awesome! We are putting a Saleen blower on it. There isn't much that you have to do in order to fit them on the Raptor. They have a really nice stock electric fan kit actually, and that makes life easier for the install. The heat exchanger and pump need brackets made which we can make here. Then there is some small wiring difference but we can talk you through. The 2009 F-150 have very much the same setup under the hood and we just finished the install of a Saleen blower on one of those.

We should have a tune developed here shortly for the Raptor too
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