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Originally Posted by Meikol02 View Post
Here's a missing question...what happened to the Horsepower? They are using all the same engine goodies (it appears from the foto) yet they LOST 40 HP? Seems a bit silly seeing how the other performance Mustang derivitives increased power this year. I do not like adding a Saleen name to the side, especially the way it is laid out (It looks better the way you did it Harry), when you are leaving the front end as is. If I saw this car on the street, my first thought would go to a kid who paid for part of a Saleen kit and is now trying to pass it off as genuine.

just my .02 cents.

I'm guessing that the actual production car will come with the stock fuel injectors and the 4" pulley that the 06 SC came with and I bet they are going to use the stock MAF. It wasn't until the 07 SC that the injectors and MAF came upgraded and with the smaller pulley. I'm sure they will release a supplemental kit as an aftermarket option somewhere down the road, or the S car they release at SEMA will include those upgrades (so they can call it "Extreme")...