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LOL..I am saying the Saleen black piece in between the tail lights and the low key lower valance treatment is cleaner and nicer matched to this ugly rear that Ford put on this car compared to the Roush and others. Here are pics...

And are right that its basically a GT back.....

And yes...we own numerous new Roush cars too...including the P51A and 427R cars. I am just saying this is a clean looking car . And yes..I have owned a new 2006 Saleen and Shelby 2007 GT500. Im not coming in here to praise the new Saleen for them. I just saw the post and thought....nice. And yes..I hope they keep this model "Cheap" Cause as you mentioned..the new Roush cars did do alot and spent alot on making their new model 427R car....but wow...they are up there in price and so are the new SMS cars
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