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If I was in the market for a racecraft or 3v saleen, I would heartily put a bid in on this way cool looking car. I do agree with you folks. My post adds the outlook of obtaining the car at a reasonable price in lieu of the considerations. My hunch is next year's car will be a stretch financially compared to what we're looking at. Always pick YOUR price and shop diligently. Being a member here on SOEC is key. There most likely will be better, newer cars. Whether someone has a specific timeframe or is ready now, or not, can detrimentally move the discussion to a never/academic debate. I had a used 93 Cobra for 12 years. A decent deal late in the 07 year on leftovers matched my price. Thx for the pics as they are appreciated. Looks nicer than the red 435S at the Castle Rock show last summer.
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