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Hey Guys

I wanted to elaborate a little more on my questions after moving the seats a little more yesterday.

• Does the driver seat seem to be higher and further back than the OEM Ford seat? I played with the settings and put it as low and forward as possible and still seems further back and higher than the OEM one from Ford or when compared to the Saleen/Recaro passenger seat. I seemed to notice this as well when installing the seats as accessing the rear bolts was not as easy as with the passenger seat or with the OEM Ford seats.
• I might need to take the driver seat to get it re-welded as I feel it lifting a little from the rails if I lean back. I assume this isn’t normal and might be playing a role in the overall movement of the seat mentioned above.
• Also, the seat controls assembly seems to be a little flimsy. What some of you done in the past to reinforce this? Will some simple apoxy do the trick?

Wondering what others have done to try and to it right the first time with some of these potential fixes.

I am looking to get the suspension redone and hopefully new calipers as well as mentioned in another thread. So I also plan to have the shop look at the seat for potential fixes, but I wanted to see if I can point them in the right direction with some of your previous experience.

Thanks in advance
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