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I think another entry level Saleen is a good idea. The 2010 Mustang's rear has a lot to be desired and I don't think the understated treatment on the Saleen car does anything but help its image.

Though it is true, that you can buy a Whipple through Ford with a warranty, the Whipple appears to be non-intercooled and only cranks out about 400 hp. The Saleen blower kit, mainly the air routing (intake), is far superior than the Ford counter part and comes intercooled to boot. This means the car can produce more power for less money if someone wanted to mod it.

Cash layout seems good to me. I remember my 89 was 10k above sticker for an LX and that was for suspension, body kit and seats. No power adders...

Things I would like to see as options would be the watts link, larger brakes and what about that Super-Shaker? Being this will be a Serialized car, how about an "Extreme" drive-train option. It would be nice to have a sleeper car that cranks out serious power with a price tag in the 50's, something that is not likely to happen across the pond...