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Originally Posted by gliioct14 View Post
I purchased the 2011-3 (storm trooper) waiting for winter to end and I will upload newer photos. This car was raided for parts for there sema car . The matte black has the entire interior , supercharger - strut tower brace. Saying that it has the only custom interior "Katskins Seats " with really cool micro design. So I would like to try and get back that supercharger and strut brace. Let em know if anyone has info on those parts.
I believe there may be a current owner of a 2010-12 Michigan car with a spare interior. The owner I am thinking of might be a fella' with the white 2012 coupe currently on eBay. Or, I recall someone looking to store a spare interior. Not sure if they were able to purchase these items from Michigan.

I believe I can recall seeing photos of the white 2011 convertible with a PowerTech / Saleen Series VII supercharged. This car was liquidated to a dealer running a Ford Racing unit. I believe the matte black SEMA car also ran a Ford Racing supercharger.

There is a chance that the Ford Racing supercharger and the Chicane/ Saleen strut brace interfere. Meaning you will have to choose one or the other.
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