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Originally Posted by Coderedsaleen View Post
Does this red one count?
The red one was a Pedders 2010 development car. It existed as a custom Mustang GT before the relationship with MJA/Revstone. After the MJA relationship was established, the car was retrofitted with a body kit and a Saleen Series VI Supercharger.

I made note of the car, but I do not have the VIN and there is no evidance of serial plates.

Similarly, the 2010 Brenspeed drag car existed before the MJA/Revstone relationship. After the MJA relationship was established, the car was styled as a 435S and serialized with plates. This car was eventually updated with a complete body kit when it became available. What I do not know is... was the Brenspeed car listed as a 435S or was the record updated to an S281.

You can visit the 2010 Michigan information at the following links.



The current thread we are in is aimed towards the 2011 and 2012 editions.
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