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Originally Posted by gliioct14 View Post
No worries on parts everyone- I have all the sources in place. Because I am in the "Motor City" were both my saleens were proudly built!! I have access to all the suppliers ( or at least the one that are not ****ed at how they were treated and unpaid), I have sourced the out with SPEEDLAB and should have a truly Authentic SALEEN. With no word back from SALEEN California to even say I am sorry we are unable to authenticate I am able to deduct the following 1 - They Don't Care for Michigan made cars. 2 - They are unable to run a respectable business with the dignity to respond. and 3 - I know don't care and that my friends is the worst.
I agree with the California based SMS/Saleen company. It is almost sad how they run it. I got a window banner from them and it was for the wrong car. I sent an e mail telling them about ti and no response except the sent me the correct one a week later. I liked that but the response was a bit "lacks". I do have a number for a saleen employee that was very helpful and responsive. PM me if you need it.

Still love the car and it is awesome to have a pretty rare car, although the Saleen KGB will not release production numbers :) Top secret stuff you know!
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