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Originally Posted by aueagle1 View Post
Does this car seem to be fairly priced? None of the book values gave me a range just an original msrp. I can't find any others for sale to compare.
My friend has his for sale (white/white) and 1 of 1. I am not sure what his reserve is set to but starting bid is listed at $35K. I can ask if you like.

Originally Posted by aueagle1 View Post
So is there anyway to see if it is a real SPV S281?
From what I can tell, the one listed appears to be completely authentic. Dave previously posted a link to the ad last summer that includes photos and Ford OEM window sticker. I have a former SPV contact that I could confirm with if you are interested.

As Dave mentioned in a previous post, the below photo was before the rear wing was added. I thought this design (minus the wing) was perfect especially in satin silver metallic with the matching wheels.

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