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Dave's got some good points.

What's the uniqueness of the parts underneath?

The fact that there are and have been for some time a seemingly never-ending supply of 2007-09 model Saleens on showroom floors at bargain-basement prices has been a problem for dealers who might in the past have considered stocking a specialty Mustang again.

And I do know of several of the 24 California dealers who have no Saleens in stock and either have no plans to stock a Saleen in the future or have said to me "Saleen's out of business, but I've got a couple of Roush 427Rs over there."

As far as offering a bargain-basement "Saleen" that wouldn't spoil the brand, that's really what the Sleeper GTs were supposed to accomplish. Though for reasons I don't know, that program was far from successful, much like the Racecraft was far from successful.

It's almost as if the buying public is saying "I'll install my own supercharger and make my GT my own design."

It appears more evident than ever that a true Saleen enthusiast -- and I'll add the additional qualification of any longtime and true Saleen enthusiast who has bought a 1999 or newer Saleen -- is seeking what an S-series offers, though some also find an attraction towards the H-series. In other words, a modern-day longtime and true Saleen enthusiast isn't buying a sleeper car. What has been surprising to me was the retro look of the H-series was embraced by a lot of people who were either unaware of the Saleen brand, or perhaps were even previously not attracted to the Saleen brand.
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