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Default Recaro seats

Wow, very impressive. Super sharp looking. Not sure why Saleen didn't have the embroidery done on all of the rear seats for 94-02. I've only seen them on the 03-04 Saleen leather which are not even Recaros. Really cool that you took a vert rear seat and made the cover fit over the 2 rear coupe cushions. Awesome. Okay back to your question, Recaro driver tracks/seats are known to sit high comparing to passenger seat or stock gt seats. I would try to move the metal on the frame down a half an inch or so on all 4 holes if that is even possible. Or have the track worked on and fabbed a bit. But not uncommon. For the control panel thing yeah however you can attach better with some kind of adhesive or a couple screws should work. Looks like your driver seat is coming out for the "fine tuning," but I am sure you will get them 100%. Again, nice call on them.
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