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Originally Posted by SyberSaint View Post
Revstone/SPV are saying that we can not even get a LOA from them, because they are not allowed to. That Saleen INC. has locked down all sales ect. of anything having to do with the Saleen name. As long as the LOA states that the cars are Revstone/SPV cars from Troy Michigan, I do not see a problem or harm to anyone in letting them at least produce LOAs. Just sayin. They are no longer a "THREAT" to the Saleen brand.


I can see how Revstone/SPV could want to play it safe and not issue LOA's. It sucks, but one can understand why. Can you imagine trying to explain to someone why your car has "Saleen" all over it, but the LOA doesn't? It is a mess, but that is the way it is and I don't see no amount of complaining changing that. I think it is awesome that Dave and Jim have put a place on this forum for those owning these cars even though they don't have a structure to help support them.
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