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^Rearend treatment? They didnt do anything...It has a wing and a piece of black plastic in the center that says Saleen...Or are you saying you rather they do nothing and keep it looking like a stock GT like they have? It doesnt look THAT much different from the Roush at all...switch out the black plastic for a 427R badge (better) and switch out the wing for a Roush wing (better) and switch out the STOCK GT rear valance for the Roush rear valence (better)...

The Roush also has NEW Roush side rocker splitters as opposed to STOCK GT on the saleen. The Roush has a NEW front facia as opposed to the STOCK GT front facia with added chin spoiler on the saleen....

I do love the rims on the saleen but didnt someone say they are just overstock from old? At least Roush came out with NEW rims for theirs...

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