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Originally Posted by SCIT View Post
But I don't think an educated Saleen type customer is going to get behind this car. They had better go after a market than is not all familiar with Saleen history or even a Mustang fan.
I really think that's what they are doing. There is a huge market for their supercharger system in the S197 community. That's what brought me to buying a true Saleen in the first place. I think the majority of the people who would be interested in this car are those who are considering buying a Saleen supercharger and realize they could get a fully loaded performance car for close to the same money as they'd invest by loading up the performance goodies on their current Mustang. That's exactly the logic I used when I bought the Gurney.

I had a $34,000 GT convertible that I was looking to supercharge with Saleen system and adding all the go fast goodies.

+ $5,000 SC
+ $1000 HP ugrade
+ $1000 install
+ $200 tuning
+ ~$750 3.73 gears and install
+ ~$1500 new wheels and tires
+ ~$1000 suspension upgrades
+ ~$1000 big brake upgrade
= Holy **** - I could buy a brand new true Saleen for this money.

So, I walked out the door with my new Dan Gurney for $45K.

If others can do that same math and get this new Saleen for the same money that they would spend by upgrading themselves, then this car will sell. That's where the price really comes into play though. This cannot, I repeat - CANNOT, be the normal overpriced Saleen. The pricing will have to be very competitive on this car if they expect to sell it. It's really going to have to appeal to the performance market that is normally just looking at the Saleen performance parts and not the whole car. And, coming from two previous lightly modified S197s, I know there is a huge market for Saleen performance parts. That's where this car fits in.