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I have been trying to stay civil you guys Dave, but here you have a forum member that has a pretty simple question about something he is interested in and you have to throw in your comments and say that you guys don't talk about it here. If you and Jim choose not to partake in the conversation someone starts, thats fine. But don't try to dictate every thread or conversation that is started here. That's not the way a public forum is supposed to work.


We did start production just over a week ago. 5 cars are nearing completion, other than the hood which we are having a few issues with. Hopefully by the end of this week those issues will be resolved and the cars will be finished and shipping will be arranged. Design and engineering work for the 5.0 supercharger is pretty much complete and now the only thing we are waiting on is Ford to release the calibration tables for the new stuff (Don't know timetable on this yet). Details about the 2011 will be released soon since all the 2010's that we can build are sold due to shortage of chassis's from Ford. Thank you for your interest in the car, since you are local here to us I would be more than willing to let you take one for a ride when they are complete. Shoot me an email if you have any more questions.

Thank you
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