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Default Saleen Supershaker TMAP Sensor Wiring

A question for Saleen Supershaker owners.

The TMAP sensor is a 4 pin sensor. The Saleen Supershaker Instruction Manual says 5 pin but the TMAP Sensor is actually a 4 pin sensor.

1. The original Supershaker TMAP sensor part number is 2R3A-9F479-AA. Is there a superseded part number if I need to replace the TMAP sensor? Yes, I can also check with the Ford dealer.

2. The 4 pin TMAP sensor utilizes only the two wires, the grey wire and the grey w/red stripe wire in the TMAP sensor female connector/pigtail. The two brown wires in the female connector are not used but are tucked into the plastic convolute.
Question. Which of the 4 pins in the TMAP sensor is the designated pin for the grey wire and which is the designated pin for the grey/red stripe wire?

Orientation should be noted with the TMAP sensor installed on the Supershaker flat plate. For example; aft pin, fwd pin etc.

If I had the original TMAP sensor and female connector I would not need to ask this basic Supershaker wiring question.

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