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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
The MJA/ Revstone/ Speedlab vehicles are not a "step child."

Last we knew, the folks @ Saleen in Corona have stated they do not have production records for the MJA/ Revstone/ Speedlab vehicles.

Last I knew, Steve Saleen will not sign a MJA/ Revstone/ Speedlab vehicle or documentation relating to one.

Servicing and parts replacement for these vehicles fall onto Revstone or their parent (?) company.

Last I knew, there were no inventory of appearance parts for the 2010-12 Revstone vehicles. What odds/ends currently existing in MI is it.
I saw a photo of Molly Saleen signing a MJ/Rev posters! (It was the poster with the red saleen and police car both women on in it)
what's up with that then?
I saw it posted on this forum... I thought that was weird when I saw that as well.
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