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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
The classic formula was... depreciate the base chassis then add full retail cost of conversion.

Lets say a 2011 Mustang GT coupe is worth $18,000.00. And lets say conversion retail cost was $15,000.00. You would take the 18,000 and add 15,000 to come to $33,000.00.
I do something similar to find value, plus look at comparables and ratios of original MSRPs of the vehicles.

I'd expand by saying, how much to duplicate at today's prices too.

ie... target car, a 2004 SC 281 with 15k miles... first, use search engines to find how much a 2004 GT is selling with similar miles, then look at the original MSRP of the Saleen... if an SC is pristine at 15k, I'd say that 22 to 24 is a fair market price, since an 04 GT is around 11 to 12k and double the price... and to duplicate by making a Faleen from the GT is going to run up to 25 to 30 in parts alone, if original NOS can be found... so the 22 to 24 for a coupe is a bargain... and go from there. a hypothetical answer... if you find a nice one and it's 10% or 20% below the fair value, I'd jump on it... assuming it was well cared for by previous owners.

Look at 2010-2013 Roush prices on AT or EBAY, you'll find some comparable prices too. After looking at a few, you'll get an idea at what a fair price will to both parties will be... that's the market.
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