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Originally Posted by SonicBlue View Post
WOW, that is a low number!

Not a big fan of that car, but the serial number looks tasty!
Yeah I know, tell me about it. I was amazed that my little dealer was able to get such a low number! I even looked around at the other washington Saleen dealers and none of them had any 2010 saleens listed.

Originally Posted by awayne View Post
Well the 435S is basically a replacement for the racecraft car right now correct? That would explain why a racecraft dealer got this car. I would not pay what they want for it, its not worth it especially since it doesn't have leather.
Yeah I don't know about that, as my dealer isn't a Saleen Dealer, and this car is a Saleen, and not a racecraft. But in talking to my manager he even referred to it as a racecraft. My biggest thing about the price is why would I buy that when in 2011 my they are gonna have a 412 hp GT for 10-15k less.
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