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Originally Posted by Jess Albright View Post
I don't think you can find it for cheaper. Add it up
S/C $6499
Suspension $799.99
Wheels $800.00
Short Throw $59.99
Rotors $600
Decklid Panel $100
White face gauges $200
plus other small parts like, fog light grills, graphics kit, headrest stitching, serialized engine bay and dash plaque.

Add all that up and you get $9058.98 (+). That doesn't include you having someone professionally install it. And you get a 3/36000 warranty. So please build one on your own and see what you have into it when your done.

It performs like a Saleen, and that is the point!

Thank you

I think the price is right and there are a few guys around my neck of the woods already running a Saleen S/C and other parts as sleepers so I think the market segment is there as far as enthusiasts. The only question is how many still have cash to buy a nice car? I am sure there are many.

One question on options, can you get the rocker decals deleted?

Thanks Jess, you have been a great help to me personally in the past and you are a stand up guy. I appreciate your passion for the cars and your candor with the forum.
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