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Originally Posted by MeNotYou View Post
Sorry dont mean to be bashing just stating my opinions about my disappointment in the new car.

The thread title..."Unmistakably Saleen"...but you just told me you purposely made it look like a regular GT....So which is it?

Also you talk about people making it their own by optioning up or adding these wheels or this exhaust...So why would someone buy a saleen at a premium price of $10k for suspension and charger when they could buy the same for hundreds if not thousands cheaper?
I don't think you can find it for cheaper. Add it up
S/C $6499
Suspension $799.99
Wheels $800.00
Short Throw $59.99
Rotors $600
Decklid Panel $100
White face gauges $200
plus other small parts like, fog light grills, graphics kit, headrest stitching, serialized engine bay and dash plaque.

Add all that up and you get $9058.98 (+). That doesn't include you having someone professionally install it. And you get a 3/36000 warranty. So please build one on your own and see what you have into it when your done.

It performs like a Saleen, and that is the point!

Thank you