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Originally Posted by DAVESIKE View Post
its hard for me to understand why you would want to produce a saleen without steve saleen behind it..its pure name recognition in hopes to sell a product.why not start your own brand name and build it up..roush only jumped on scene few years ago and they have a pretty nice ride.
well..i guess good luck to um because you want everyone to do well.
im sure there are people who will like the 435 and purchase one.
Because Steve Saleen is no longer part of the company. Companies with the founder's name go on ALL THE TIME and become very successful. Just because Steve is not there does not mean Saleen cannot be successful without Steve.

Roush situation is different in that they have ALOT of history with winning races with Mustangs and NASAR. PLUS they have ALOT of fans.

Originally Posted by Jess Albright View Post
I think we offer a highly competitive package at an extremely reasonable price point, take it or leave it. I know most Steve Saleen fans will leave it and that's fine, he has a car for you I'm sure, please enjoy it! Life is to short for all the badgering and typical negativity that is going on within this entire forum. The whole reason behind joining a club or forum community is to find other people with the same passion behind the product as you, and of course everyone is going to have an opinion but there are much more constructive ways of letting people know what it is other than the typical bashing. But again that's just my opinion right. Sorry to get a little off topic but I can't stand the level of negativity that not just this thread but the entire forum has gone to.

Thank you

I think you guys are doing a great job... if MJ had not stepped up there could possible be no Saleen today. I truely don't understand the negativity towards MJ/ Saleen. Yes ALOT of people love Steve and what he did for Saleen but he's not going to be at Saleen. The car warranty issue was out of your hands... it was Hancock Park's doing and it's great that you guys stepped up to cover it.
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