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Originally Posted by 06saleenX View Post
...and why do they insist on that side graphic, it does not flow, the letters are NOT CLEAN, looks like a child cut out decals an pasted them on the side...
Looking at the image, I might warrant a guess that the side decals and fender emblem were not on the car. Looks like digital editing. Some manipulation took place. Like the window tinting.

Originally Posted by DAVESIKE View Post
...all this has done imo is dilute the saleen cant have two (2) saleens...
Similar comments where made by the old Saleen Mustang Club based in So-Cal back when it was believed the S7 debut was going to be a Saleen Focus introduction. Their board went crazy with negativity. The 435S is not geared toward the tradition Saleen vehicle fan. I don't believe MJA expects folks with 2003 Speedsters or S197 Extremes to trade for a 435S.

Originally Posted by DAVESIKE View Post
Dude..i agree..that thing is hideous..
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we use a few of the basic Mustang boards and message area as a gauge... some of those folks seem to like it. Garnering attention from a completely different audience.

Originally Posted by Jess Albright View Post
As far as pricing goes, the base car will include the following as standard equipment for $9999.95 over Ford MSRP (Total Price varies if your talking about a Premium GT Or Deluxe GT)
Will the 435S be produced off a Saleen supplied knock down Premium or Deluxe? Or from dealer stock or drop shipped? Can one purchase a GT equipped with the Ford offered accessory packages? 1, 4, 5 if they'd rather have Ford's wings and scoops. As well as if they'd rather go with Ford's 19" wheel package. Is the 435S an adaptable package?