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This vehicle will be available in either a Deluxe or Premium package with any of Ford's options. If someone would rather the upgrade Ford wheels we can do that as long as the dealer drop ship the vehicle to us. The same goes with the rear spoiler, if someone wants the upgrade Ford spoiler they can drop ship a car and we will build it up and leave that on it.
This car is supposed to look like the Mustang GT, that is the whole idea. It does not perform like it though. From everything we heard this weekend at Myrtle Beach from Mustang enthusiast's, not just Steve Saleen enthusiast's, people are looking for a vehicle like this.
This vehicle is for the buyer to take it and add the parts they want. Many people like multiple parts that are out on the market for these cars and this gives them the opportunity to add those. The exhaust doesn't come standard because so many people take whatever exhaust we put on it and throw it away and add the Ford Racing kit or one of the multiple other popular kits out there.
We will offer these things for people to possibly choose or, they can choose to get it from another supplier.

Another thing I keep reading is that we just pulled parts off the shelf that were left over from the old company to come out with this, mainly the wheels. Yes these wheels were originally designed for the Heritage vehicles, and then used in this color for the Gurney. I can't tell you any manufacture that puts all that money into tooling for a wheel and then only uses them for a year and a half, so we will continue to offer them. Many people like the look of a dark wheel now, so this is our option for that. If you don't like them don't opt for them. There are thousands of choices for wheels out there right now so you won't please everyone with any wheel you go with. That is the idea though, take it and make it your own.
I think we offer a highly competitive package at an extremely reasonable price point, take it or leave it. I know most Steve Saleen fans will leave it and that's fine, he has a car for you I'm sure, please enjoy it! Life is to short for all the badgering and typical negativity that is going on within this entire forum. The whole reason behind joining a club or forum community is to find other people with the same passion behind the product as you, and of course everyone is going to have an opinion but there are much more constructive ways of letting people know what it is other than the typical bashing. But again that's just my opinion right. Sorry to get a little off topic but I can't stand the level of negativity that not just this thread but the entire forum has gone to.

Thank you