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This is not supposed to look that different on the outside, thats what it seems many are missing here. The idea is just a performance version of the Mustang GT. The full S281 with a totally restyled body kit is coming in the fall.
This vehicle has the same SC kit on it that the 07-09 S281 cars have, the only difference is the exhaust does not come upgraded standard. So since the 475 was probably a bit stretched anyway and it has stock Ford GT exhaust we lowered the rating to 435. We would rather under promise and over deliver than the other way around.
As far as pricing goes, the base car will include the following as standard equipment for $9999.95 over Ford MSRP (Total Price varies if your talking about a Premium GT Or Deluxe GT)
Full Racecraft Suspension kit
Short throw shift kit
Saleen Cluster Applique
Saleen Deck lid Panel
Slotted and Drilled Rotors front and rear
18" Torque Blade wheels
Embroidered headrests
Exterior decal package

Some of the Optional accessories are:
Aero package (Chin Splitter, Rear Spoiler)
14" Brake upgrade package
19", and 20" wheel upgrades
Exhaust upgrade kit

Thank you

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