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Default Dallas mustang speedcal issue

Hey guys,

New saleen owner here.

I believe that whoever owned the car before me changed the gear ratio, and installed a speed calibrator from dallas mustang to compensate for the change.

I've been fighting with my speedometer for the last couple days, and I think I've come to the conclusion that the Dallas mustang speed calibrator is at fault.

My speedometer is giving me a speed, but it is showing 4x what the actual speed is. (5mph shows 20mph, 10mph shows 40mph, 30mph jumps to 200mph)

Ive changed the speed sensor (oss) located at the back end of the transmission. I checked the voltage at the speed calibrator and verified that it is getting 12volts at the circuit board.

As far as I can tell dallas mustangs is no longer in existence, and I was wondering if there was another speed calibrator on the market that is recommended from this forum?
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