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Originally Posted by Hogzilla View Post
Ooh, not a bad idea. I didn't even think to PC to match the car.
I plan to chat with the guy a bit more about his process and if he will need to locate a 'base' lynch-pin then mod a new spring, or if he plans to mfg the entire piece.

I'll post with updates that may be a long way out, but I gotta think there are at least a fair number of Focus, and TSW owners who would be seeking these. I plan to remove these rims and store them until a show or such. Owning a 2nd gen Saleen Mustang for 25+ years, I understand the value of impossible-to-replace original equipment.
thanks for the reply
I was noticing on my racecar this weekend, that the hood pins (Sparco slide type), not the removable clothes pin style, are extremely similar to the locks on the wheels. Also, tractor supply had trailer hitch pins that may work as a starting point instead of machining the thing from scratch. I will keep looking.
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