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Originally Posted by Werecow View Post
I hnestly don't get you guys. I don't know how you could hold Saleen/SMS responsible for the production numbers and parts for a car they did not build. You might as well call them and ask them for Roush's production numbers and parts for their cars.
Correct. Though, you are being too logical with your deduction.

With the vehicle above, I mentioned to Mike offline Saleen Automotive in Corona CA does not have production records for the 2010-12 Michigan produced cars "before" he purchased MJ 11-0003. He acknowledged this point and contacted a party in MI to access the information he desired.

Why Saleen then was contacted after purchased for verification is beyond me or an expectation of an LOA or similar document.

In general, if Saleen Automotive does not want to recognize or support Michigan produced vehicles from 2010-2012 it is their prerogative to do so. The historical stance was MJA/Revstone had no legal right, authority or ownership to offer a new "Saleen" vehicle.

"If" 2010-2012 Michigan vehicle records and accounts were excluded from material given back to Saleen, owners of these vehicles should ask, "why were our records not given to Saleen?"
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