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Originally Posted by tfalk View Post
Dave, any chance we will be getting this same kind of info for the 2011 SPV cars? I'd also be curious about the 2010/2011 SMS cars by color unless that has already been posted and I missed it.
When I was speaking to James, 435S owner (user: saleen435s), he related that Dave Rivard @ Spara assisted in finishing his car. It appears 10-0013 435S was liquidated to a used car lot incomplete. Dave gave James insight to how many 435S cars were produced and history of his #13. This took place after Revstone stopped producing cars and after Corona restarted Saleen vehicle production. 2012.

Dave may have insight towards the 2011 SPV production counts as well as specifications for each vehicle. Or not.

I believe it was reported SPV produced three vehicles on the 2012 model year Mustang. One 2012 appears to have been for export, while the other two we have not seen or heard of. 2011 would appear to be their most voluminous production year. This would also be the most laborious of the three to backtrack and build a reference (if need be).

I would not be surprised if there were 30-40 SPV Mustangs for model year 2011.

Saleen Corona may have produced three Grabber Blue Mustangs from 2010-12. One 2010 460 Supercharged coupe, one 2011 S302 Black Label coupe, and one 2011 S302 White Label coupe.

We expect Saleen Auto to audit their vehicle production records and announce production counts for 2009-2014 models in the future.
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