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Jess' comment makes me want to give a brief lesson in sensitivity training...

Certainly even a negative opinion can be expressed in a polite manner, and one doesn't need to use every negative adjective in the dictionary when doing so. It's one thing to toss the salt, but it doesn't always have to be rubbed-in.

So for those of you who are finding yourselves having to show some restraint over what can be (for some) a passionate topic, we appreciate that. Those who are having trouble, we would appreciate you trying harder.

Our moderation team tries to sit in the background here -- we try to keep an even keel, and find sometimes "new kids on the block" take a little time to settle in; for those, we often take them aside off the forum. If a member of our moderation team contacts you to "tone it down," don't take offense, as we appreciate your participation but we we want to keep this a pleasant environment for everyone. But remember this is our living room and you are a guest. If you feel the need to go ballistic, there are plenty of other places where you can pretty much freely do that (unfortunately).

That said, this forum gets a lot of activity so we're likely to get a broad range of opinions on any given topic. This thread at current count has over 1,000 views and 83 replies, so it goes without saying that there are likely going to be a few negative opinions along with the not-so-negative -- or even positive ones.

Thanks for listening...