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Originally Posted by ricksaleen View Post
Not sure Jim but all ordering forms etc. I received directly from Saleen on the 351 are labeled "2013 Black Label S351 Extreme". These are the actual ordering forms sent to me by Hans Meyer, VP of Sales at Saleen. So I would say they are using the Extreme name just as I wrote.

Also when I was referring to the existing car, it has been basically the same body style since 2005 so I stand by my comment that it is pretty long in the tooth. Why put a ton of development into the existing car, when you know it will be changing next year to a 100% new car? Doesn't make good business sense for Saleen to put money into major development for the existing body.
The 351 nomenclature seems to have changed at Saleen, according to insiders -- from what has been in "print" -- as actual release nears. But expect to see both a standard 351 as well as a higher-horsepower "351 E/Extreme/X" being available, perhaps the latter to carry the body style through its last year of life.

The 2005-09 and 2010-2014 Mustang offerings pretty much mirror the same scenario we saw in 1994-98 and 1999-2004, so I don't see any point in Saleen waiting for 2015 models to arrive from Ford.

If you look at the Anniversary cars, for example, Saleen has traditionally introduced new technology, features and styling cues on them regardless of what Ford offers, since they rely on what Ford offers and can't change that.

The "E/Extreme/X" 351 Saleen motor is a long time coming and I think will be what sets the car apart from anything else called a Mustang, no matter the body style.
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