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Greg I couldn't agree with you more. A lot of dealerships did not even know Saleen was still in existence. I went to my local Ford dealership to drive a new Mustang so I had a baseline for my test drive in the new Saleen/SMS car. They told me Saleen was out of business and the reasons they were out of business were no where close to the truth. The word needs to get out there, so more people get the real story.

I told Saleen about this and they ordered a car from them to convert. Soon after I brought my SMS car to the dealership. Just about every sales person was out there, with their cell phones snapping pics of it. I spent a good 40 minutes describing the car for them.

As far as Saleen is concerned, they have my car fixing some minor things on it as well as changing all the badges on the car to Saleen, including the brake calipers. The only thing on the car that will say SMS are the seats and the SMS serial badges. They have sent me photos of the progress of the car. It is a lot different than what I went through after Saleen "retired" from the older company.

As far as the other cars are concerned, I like mine better, but there were some good points to the other car as well. It will be interesting to see the future of those cars. They could be worth a lot just because of their rarity and history, but who knows.

All I can say is that I love my new car! And in that old Saleen tradition, it still turns heads wherever I go.
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