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Originally Posted by Unclemilti View Post
And how many 08/09 Saleens did, and do you see on eBay or sitting on dealers lots, even when the economy was good?
Mid 60's for a Saleen in this market is ridiculous, pure and simple especially given the warranty BS that current owners were put thru.

The new Shelby is as good, maybe even a better overall car than my 06 281. What it gives up in "handling", -if anything- is more than made up by the forged engine, 6 speed transmission, etc of the Shelby. And, the MSRP is 15,000 less. FIFTEEN THOUSAND..and its a SHELBY.

I'm sure I'm not the only Saleen owner that shares that opinion.
Look opinions are like .... well you know. Everyone's got one. And you are certainly entitled to yours.

The sticker price on my car was in the sixty's. It is an '08 model. I am not saying that is what I paid for it, just the sticker price. I said that the current pricing is in line with the later year model's MSPR.

It also has forged internals but it's a Saleen (weather it was built when Steve was there or not ... which is another argument). I went with it because of the uniqueness of the model and because I loved the styling.

We can go back an forth on this subject all day and in the end I think all we would do is agree to disagree.

BTW, I too am an enthusiast and enjoy vehicles of all types, including the Shelby.
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