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Originally Posted by Werecow View Post
I honestly don't get you guys. I don't know how you could hold Saleen responsible for the production numbers and parts for a car they did not build. You might as well call them and ask them for Jack Roush's production numbers and parts for their cars.

My comment was only about SMS, not Saleen without Steve saleen in MI. I figure Steve will take care of those cars, since he said he would, and parts are parts. Nothing really "Special" on any Saleen or SMS cars besides badging. All the parts Steve adds are either from a current manufacturer of after market parts or if he has an exclusive part he does offer it on his speedlab online store. I am not trying to be harsh since I bought one of his cars, I am just being honest that he (steve Saleen) runs his business different then I might and or what some folks would like. For instance; why does he not publish or acknowledge how many SMS mustangs he built in 2011 or 2012? He gives production numbers for earlier years? Could it be the number is so low he is embarressed? I don't know but I have spoken to 3 people at SMS/Saleen and no one knows the production numbers! One guy said it would be out this year 2014, one gal said she would call me back with that info. Never did. So my guess is that there are less then 50 units in 2011 and I bet not many more in 2012+. Now, on the positive side, Steve must impress Ford with his designs since it looks like Ford takes a lot of Ques from his designs. I think the 2015 Mustang took many styling ques from Steve's cars.

Getting off my soap box now :)
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