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Aussie-Parnelli 09-23-2021 05:18 AM

746.7 hp '06
Had my '06 Race Car dynoed today and very happy with results
Motor has all the Extreme internals including Ernie Elliot heads
Series 6.5 intake and larger throttle body, shorty headers
Plus numerous other mods to help cool engine, intercooler and oil.
I run a 8 rib pulley kit with a JDM 2.9" Supercharger pulley 12lb Boost
To help things out it is fitted with 100 shot NX Nitrous kit
The car made 457KW or 62i HP at the wheels which equates to 746.7 HP at engine. This up by approx 40HP on previous tune
Should be good Saturday night at Roll Racing

seelye76 09-24-2021 09:22 AM

nice! Should post some vids of the dyno pull or those roll races :)

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