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Nerds2You 12-14-2010 01:28 PM

Looking at a 2008 S281 S/C #08C - Information?
I am currently looking at a 2008 S281 S/C built in Canada (which is where I live) , a friend of mine works at a dealership and he tells me that he can get me a great deal on it. It has ID# 08C on it which I assume is the 7th built in Canada for 2008.

I don't have the VIN yet but am expecting a carfax report to be sent to me so should have the details at that time. The complete VIN didn't show up in the picture I took but it ends in 46187

Does anyone know if this Canadian produced car will have any warranty on it?

Does anyone have any access to details about this car?

Dave 12-14-2010 02:08 PM

You will want to contact Saleen Performance Vehicles and see if they have files for the Canadian built S197 Saleen Mustangs. Saleen Canada might have folded before or during 2009 production.

I don't believe we know how Saleen Canada serialized their vehicles. The US Saleens are known for skipped digits and out of order production. So, #08 could be the 3rd Saleen Mustang produced for 2008 and the last - Example.

The Canadian produced Saleens are interesting, since they were not produced in high volumes, when compared to their US counterparts.

Your Canadian Saleen "should" of had the warranty enacted the day the first owner finalized the sale. The amount of remaining coverage, depends on when the vehicle was originally sold.

Nerds2You 12-14-2010 03:03 PM

Thank you for your reply!

I should be getting the carfax report shortly and that should let me know the date of the original sale of the car. My concern about the warranty is more about the end of Saleen inc. I know that SMS is covering warranty on US sold cars but I am not sure if Canadian built Saleen were affected by all of this or if Saleen Canada did a similar thing. I am going to call one of the dealerships here that is/was an authorized dealer and ask their service dep't if they are still honoring the warranty. The car I am looking at has only 24000Km on it and was built in 04/2008.

I believe the "C" in the production number stands for Canada as I have seen a few other posts about Canadian built Saleens and they all ended in a C

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