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mmv.89saleen 05-12-2021 04:19 PM

Code Alarm systems 84 thru 93
Does anyone have a Code Alarm system installed in their Saleen. Wanting to know where your module was mounted for servicing. Mine is located so high in the dash that access is almost impossible. What I am looking for is replacement numbers. Mine has got intermittent glitches. My box is black in color and measures about 4x 6. Thanks to everyone.... Mark V

Plwtwo 05-16-2021 05:33 AM

Unfortunately that doesn’t help identify it, as most are that size. And actually that brain doesn’t have model numbers on it.
And if it’s where I think- on the door side of steering column above the fuse box area, you probably couldn’t get it out with any type of ease.
If you can see the plug and can count the wires in it you could possibly contact the manufacturer and get the model range. Those smaller brain alarms don’t have much built into it so any model in that range would work. Most accessories would be added by the way of the installer using relays and only a tigger out of alarm unit-for example door lock/unlock.
It would be a good time to “upgrade” to a new alarm like Alpine’s etc u can tell them u have an alarm already and they’d possibly give you a break on labor.

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